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First Look: Fall/Holiday Catalog

Here’s your first look at our Fall/Holiday Catalog!

It’s taken a little longer than usual, because we have so many new things for Fall, we wanted to make sure the catalog was perfect! If you’re a current customer, you should receive it soon!

This Fall, we’re introducing a new body style (the Sweetheart Halter) shown above in Fiori. Isn’t it beautiful?

And due to popular demand, we are doing our first-ever holiday print! (We do listen to our customers!)

Meet Ornamental above, in the Ruffle body style. The sparkly ornament design is cool and mod. It’s also available in our holiday stockings, of course! Wait ’til you see all the stockings we have this year! Your mantel never looked so good!

One of my new favorites is the Sugarcane Halter Apron above. It looks like a wood block print and makes me think of Cuba. (It was almost called Havana!) It’s a versatile apron, which could be worn in summer or during the holidays.

Our Simple Totes (above) have been so popular, we now have them in 5 prints – including Pimento! Yay!

Sahara is our new leopard print and the tote is so cute! It’s beautifully lined and trimmed in powder pink. Meow!

I’m so excited for you all to see our new collection, I just had to give you a peek!

If you would like a copy of our Fall/Holiday catalog, please email us at and we will email you one!


Do Men Even Wear Aprons?

My husband doesn’t wear an apron. Of course, his specialty is Mac and Cheese (from the box). He’s one of those “too cool for an apron” guys. His younger brother, who is quite the cook, won’t wear one, either. He will stand at the stove for hours stirring simmering soup or tend the barbeque grill all afternoon and still won’t wear one!

Luckily, there is hope for the next generation of men in my family. My five-year-old son likes to wear his apron and help out in the kitchen. I asked him why he likes wearing one and he said, “I LOVE wearing aprons, so I don’t get dirt on my clothes.” Five years old and he’s got the apron habit! Good boy.

No More Morel?

I am… a mushroom; On whom the dew of heaven drops now and then.
-John Ford

It’s always sad when our prints are discontinued. I get attached to them, especially Morel. I love mushrooms! I have them in front of my house – they’re the first thing you see as you come to the door. They’re in my backyard living with the gnomes and scattered throughout the house. So, I guess you could say that I like them!

I used to not even eat them, though. I picked them off my pizza and ate around them in salad. But when I got pregnant with my son, my tastes completely changed and I was cooking a new mushroom recipe every night! I couldn’t get enough of them. Soon, I bought anything with mushrooms on it and I longed for my mother’s orange 70’s mushroom canister set!

I was new at Kitsch*n Glam when we introduced the Morel print. I helped name it, which is harder than you’d think! We even covered my bulletin boards at the office in Morel fabric.

Our Morel Hat, which is now sold out, was even featured alongside our Ginger Totebag in the April 2008 Real Simple Magazine.

Customers always ask me why we discontinue prints. The simple answer is that we have to make room for new ones. We have 5 new prints for Fall and will probably have just as many in 6 more months. If we kept every print, we’d go crazy trying to manage it all!

We do still have a few Morel items left, but not many and when they’re gone, that’s it for Morel. Goodbye, my sweet mushroom friend.

Kitsch is Hip!

Perfect for crafters, cooks and gardeners – our new Hip Aprons were introduced this Spring in 4 prints. We like to wear them around the office – they keep the disappearing pens within reach!

There are 2 large pleated pockets on one side of the apron, but they are completely reversible! Keep those pens, scissors and and other necessities at your fingertips!

Living up to her reputation as the “goddess of a thousand works“, Minerva is now included in our line of hip aprons. She’s our favorite green-eyed goddess!

Shown above is the Ginger Hip Apron and Reversible Hat. You didn’t know we make hats, too, did you?

Please check our Who Us? page for ordering information.

Our Totes are Big!

This Spring, Kitsch*n Glam introduced a line of Tote Bags in our signature prints and they’ve been so popular, we now offer them in 9 prints!

Due to popular customer demand, we have now produced it in our Minerva (owl) print and the owls are literally flying off the shelves!

Just in time for summer, these bags are perfect for the beach, gym or yoga class. They’re a good “go-anywhere” bag that will surely glam up your workout!

Please contact us by phone or email via for more information.

Our Ginger (yellow) tote below was recently featured in Real Simple Magazine.

The Cupcake Revolution Continues!

As I’m sure you know, we are in the middle of a cupcake revolution! It started in NY and now LA seems to have taken over as the Cupcake Capital of the US. The rest of the country has caught on and now cupcakes are everywhere!

Designers spotted the trend too, and we’ve seen cupcakes on just about everything. But I think my favorite cupcake item (besides ours!) has to be the Jellio cupcake seat!

To find a cupcake shop near you – no matter where in the world you are – check out Cupcake Fetish.

Kitsch*n Glam featured our cupcake print, called Frosting, on the cover of our Spring 2008 Catalog.

Our Frosting products are selling like cupcakes!

Shown are the Frosting Halter Apron, Children’s Reversible Apron and Tote Bag.

Glam for the Whole Fam!

Kitsch*n Glam not only designs aprons for Women, Men and Children – we are glamming up baby, too!

We now have baby bibs available in 5 of our most popular prints – and matching burp cloths, too!

That is truly glam for the whole fam!